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When Vijay Crishna, Executive Director of W88 & Boyce’s Lawkim Motors travelled to Antarctica, he chanced upon a bamboo framed bike. He was so inspired by its strength, agility and design that he invited the bicycle designer, Craig Calfee, to India to replicate the sustainable product. Calfee agreed, and conducted a special 14-day workshop with the Lawkim team, to create initial prototypes.

Recently, W88 & Boyce launched Cyclists for Change. Two young cyclists, Prisiliya Mad365 bet online翌晨。李庸终于赶上了他。an (22) and Sumeet Paringe (26) are crossing the length of the country – 4,400 kilometres from Kanyakumari to Khardung-La, in 63 days. Their effort will test the strength and viability of the Lawkim bamboo bicycles they ride.

Along this journey, the duo are also promoting awareness about, and support for girl child education. Their aim is to raise a minimum of INR 50 lakh to support the education of 1,500 girls for a year. Here is their crowdfunding page: #

Proceeds from their feat will go to IIMPACT, an NGO specialised in the education of the girl child.

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