Our Story

Our goal was simple. We didn’t want to introduce just another social media / money making website. We wanted to offer you a solution which was similar to a social media network where you can store your CV and portfolio together in an organized manner. The advantage with us is that we offer you the ability to browse through jobs and apply for them through a simple click while interacting with associates and colleagues at the same time. We have also taken the service a step further by offering packages to organizations who are looking to advertise. The free and premium services for companies allow them to advertise available jobs and attract interested candidates instantly.

With the CV Showcase you are able to search for jobs by location and category while also get updates about featured companies on your home page. The convenience of completing your profile when you want to is an advantage for any candidate applying for jobs on a regular basis.

One of our main aims with the CV Showcase is to offer small and medium businesses exposure and for individuals to venture into new turf which is quite a challenge considering the competitiveness of each industry. With simple profiles that display your work as a professional and methodical curriculum vitae along with your portfolio, companies can easily debate upon your qualifications and expertise before making the final call. You can display your work with ease and find a job instantly if you are up for the challenge.

Here we are, a group of young, work-in-progress professionals offering you a chance to dive into a career path that you’ve always dreamt of. Join us today and experience the chance of a lifetime.

Our Team

We are a group of visionaries looking for new concepts on a daily basis. We envision a future of an amalgamation of simplicity and high tech. We are driven to offer you the best services possible with a set of core values.

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You can join our Team and help change the world we see through your eyes. Careers