W88 กีฬาและคาสิโนออนไลน์ที่ดีที่สุดในเอเชีย

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And at W88, we have created a dynamic workspace that acts as a home to ideas, fun, interaction and imagination. The Hubble.

It's our love for new and engaging ideas that made it easy to name this wonderful little zone 'The Hubble'. It has its roots in the words 'hub' and 'bubble' that denote energy. And it's also a respectful nod to the Hubble Space Telescope, a machine used to capture the extraordinary.

The Hubble isn't a space that is designed to be any one thing. It could be anything you want it to be. It could be your quiet corner away from the world to get some work done or it could be a bustling centre of activity where you can voice exciting new ideas.

It's a 20,000 square feet zone of white space with indusww88“那好,再见吧。”“你承认了。”trial style floors and stripped black ceilings, with an eclectic mix of modern and retro furniture that add bursts of colours to it. True to its collaborative nature, The Hubble was created by 15 designers from across W88 & Boyce.

So come, meet, eat, work, explore.

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